Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Millions of Children in Ghana Vaccinated Against Polio

Rotary members use these coolers to carry the Polio vaccine to the differant immunzation posts. Ghana had been having issues with thier power and was working 12 hour on 12 hour off shifts to keep energy. However, in order to keep the vaccine at the proper temperature the government kept the power on for all five NID days.
The children are thrilled to have visitors and love to see themselves in the digital camera. Here we are inside the city of accra. The Rotary members were split into several groops and were sent all over Ghana.
Hundreds of local nurses volunteered during the NID days. In addition to polio immunizations, children under the age of five also recieved measle vaccine injections, Vitamin A supplements and were given free bed nets to help prevent malaria and other mosquito born illnesses.

Here a child is immunzied against Polio by a Rotary volunteer. This little girl had shown up all on her own. After a child is immunized they are often given piece of candy so that their friends also come to get vaccinated.


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