Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving in AFRICA!

As we get ready to begin our journey, I am indeed thankful that I have a supportive and prayerful family that will keep me safe and doing God's work. This will be my first NID trip and my first visit to Africa. As a polio survivor, I felt compelled to travel on an NID trip and the time is especially right. During my recent Zone Institute training, I spoke briefly with in-coming RI President, Wilf Wilkinson, who told me that one of his most satisfying moments as a Rotarian was doing an NID trip. As a polio survivor, I am especially excited about delivering vaccine drops to children. I am very thankful for the generous help of my Chesterton-Porter Rotary club members whose contributions have made it possible to take a full suitcase of medical supplies. Thanks also to the Chesterton campus of Porter Hospital, Dr. Jim Arnold and to Michelle McKibben for their donations of medical supplies as well. As time permits, I will update this site. For now, I am off to the Detroit airport where we leave tonight at 6:50pm for Paris - and then on to Naimey


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